On May the 26th 2017 I started the first part of my new and quite unusual project – a bike tour from Warsaw to Paris via Berlin and Brussels with a portable keyboard on a bike trailer, playing different types of concerts along the way (official, house and open-air).

The tour is arranged by contacting music enthusiasts interested in hosting a house concert in exchange for accomodation.

The portable keyboards enables me to play some spontanious open-air shows.

Wherever possible, I also try to arrange some more ‘official’ performances on accoustic pianos (eg. in cultural centers, music schools, manors, hotels, restaurants etc). For exemple, in Poland I played:
- at the Pianosalon Steinway & Sons in Warsaw
- at the European Fryderyk Chopin Artistic in Sanniki
- at the Gallery of Modern Art in Wloclawek
- at the Pomp Hall, at the Museum of Waterworks in Bydgoszcz
- at the Marketsquare with illuminated fountains in Wągrowiec

Therefore, the project joins my 2 great passions playing the piano and cycilng.

The project was finally split into 3 parts:

  • Warsaw-Berlin – 2017
  • Berlin-Brussels – planned on June 2018
  • Brussels-Paris – planned on mid 2018.

The route:

From Warsaw I’m going down the Vistula river to my home town Bydgoszcz. Next, I’m heading towards Berlin and taking the Euroroute R1 I want to get to the West of Germany, to Münster. In the next stage, passing thru the Ruhr Metropolis I want to get to the only Dutch city on the route – Maastricht, which is already very close to Brussels. The last part of the tour leads directly to the 4th and last capital city of the tour – Paris.

My average daily distance will be around 70km. Except for a little part in the middle of Germany, close to the Harz Mountains, the way will be rather flat, which is quite significant while traveling with all my equipement.

House concerts:

I’m organising some part of the accomodation on the route in private houses of my family, friends, friends’ friends and some other people interested in music and willing to host a music meeting.

Contrary to official performances in the concert halls, with quite a formal atomsphere and a visible division between the stage and audience, house concerts enable much more personal and intimate form of musical experiance in comfortable conditions among family, friends or neighbours.

Here’s a video where I show the idea of house concerts:

You can find the actual plan of events at the Polish section: Koncerty.

The project’s logo and artwork was designed by  Alina Rybacka-Gruszczyńska. More information:


Stage 1: Warszawa – Berlin:

Some photos from the first stage of the tour, which was full of activities, meetings and beautiful landscapes: