Pianomatyk Bike Tour 2017 (English version)


On May the 26th 2017 I started the first part of my new and quite unusual project – a bike tour from Warsaw to Paris via Berlin and Brussels with a portable keyboard on a bike trailer, playing different types of concerts along the way (official, house and open-air).

The tour was arranged by contacting music enthusiasts interested in hosting a house concert in exchange for accomodation.

The portable keyboards enabled me to play some spontanious open-air shows.

Wherever possible, I also tried to arrange some more 'official’ performances on accoustic pianos (eg. in cultural centers, music schools, manors, hotels, restaurants etc). For exemple I played:
– at the Pianosalon Steinway & Sons in Warsaw
– at the European Fryderyk Chopin Artistic in Sanniki
– at the Gallery of Modern Art in Wloclawek
– at the Pomp Hall, at the Museum of Waterworks in Bydgoszcz
– at the Marketsquare with illuminated fountains in Wągrowiec
– at the Alte Schule Gallery in Wiesenburg
– at the Lodzkie House in Brussels
– at the Polish Library in Paris

The project was finally split into 3 parts.

  • Warsaw-Berlin – May/June 2017
  • Berlin-Brussels – June 2018
  • Brussels-Paris – September 2018.

The route:

From Warsaw I went down the Vistula river to my home town Bydgoszcz. Next, I was heading via Wągrowiec and Gorzów Wielkopolski to finish the 1st stage of the project in Berlin. In the 2nd stage, following more or less the Euroroute R1 we wanted to get to Münster. Then passing via Dutch Eindhoven we got to Belgium, to Antwerpen and Brussels. Finally, in the last part of the tour we passed by Gent, Lille and Amiens and got to the last capital city of the tour – Paris.

The average daily distance was around 70km. Except for a little part in the middle of Germany, close to the Harz Mountains, the way was rather flat, which was quite significant while traveling with all my equipement.

House concerts:

I was organising some part of the accomodation on the route in private houses of my family, friends, friends’ friends and some other people interested in music and willing to host a music meeting.

Contrary to official performances in the concert halls, with quite a formal atomsphere and a visible division between the stage and audience, house concerts enable much more personal and intimate form of musical experiance in comfortable conditions among family, friends or neighbours.

Here’s a video where I show the idea of house concerts:

You can find the plan of events at the section: Koncerty.

The project’s logo and artwork was designed by  Alina Rybacka-Gruszczyńska. More information: www.alinarybacka.com


Stage 1: Warszawa – Berlin:

Some photos from the first stage of the tour, which was full of activities, meetings and beautiful landscapes:


Stage 2: Berlin-Brussels

Some photos from the 2nd stage of the tour, this time in a team. The initial route has been modified between Munster and Brussels.

Stage 3: Brussels-Paris

The 3rd and the shortest part of the tour. It wasn’t that easy however due to heavy winds. The final show took place in a Polish Library in Paris during European Heritage Days.

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